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Concrete Restoration




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Polished concrete is a beautiful, durable, and cost-effective solution for your business or home; providing a luxuriously smooth finish that is easy to clean and maintain. The multi-step process of polishing concrete allows choice on the level of sheen from low to high polish. Polished concrete can also be stained in a single or variety of colors and cut to create a pattern.


Recommended Color System/s: Fast Stain, Water-Based Stain. 

Create a custom decorative cement coating (overlay) that complements your interior architecture, decor, and personal taste. A wide selection of colors and textures (smooth, stone, slate, European fan) allows unique personalization to create the perfect match for your home or business. Before commencing any project our installers will create on-site samples.

Recommended Color System/s: Water-Based Stain.

Staining dramatically rejuvenates dull worn concrete. Use solid color staining when old concrete cannot be cleaned without grinding or to achieve a uniform look. Natural gray color concrete or custom colors can be applied. Also available are a mottled-look, and semi-transparent stain. Cost effective and durable, staining is great for walkways, driveways, backyards, pool areas, cement decks, stamped concrete, and interior concrete floors.

Recommended Color System/s: Water-Based Stain, Water-Based Stain Blends. 

Epoxy floor coating systems give concrete surfaces a wear and chemical resistant surface. They are available in many color options, and can be broadcast with quartz or multi-colored paint chips to simulate granite or terrazzo. Typically light-duty coatings are sufficient for most concrete floors, though other medium-heavy duty coatings are available. Higher-end applications include metallic epoxy and terrazzo. Heavy duty epoxy mortar coatings are typically installed for locations with high traffic of heavy machinery and equipment that will impact floors frequently. The most popular options are granite-look epoxy paint chip system for garage floors, solid-color epoxy for warehouses and metallic epoxy for home, office, or retail space.

Recommended Color System: Top Coats, Liquid Dazzle, Custom Color*, Terrazzo Aggregate*.

*Contact representative for more information.

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